Time to step it up!

Todays blog is gonna be a peek into my past and my future plans as a poker player. Also gonna finish it up with a quick recap of the previous weeks results from ze online grinds.

When I first got into poker my thirst for knowledge and improvement was unquenchable. I consumed books, training video’s, articles and discussed poker hands with my friends. As my game improved over the years – poker became more of a grind for me, and that thirst disappeared. For many years I was just playing my own game, improving very little and seeing my winrates decline. It didn’t bother me too much. I was still making money playing online without having to put too much effort into it. It financed trips to cool destinations, and supplemented my student loans to pay for beer and other essentials.

In the “About” section of this blog, I described how I refound the joy of poker through Twitch streaming. I’ve also rediscovered a passion for getting better at the game (mostly because I want to win more monies, but also because I don’t want to look stupid on the stream). So, to make an effort towards getting better at this game, I’ve done what all the other cool kids are doing these days… I’ve bought and downloaded PioSOLVER! At first glance, PioSOLVER looked kinda daunting. Initially I thought the minimum price you paid was $475, but you can buy a basic version with pretty much same functions for $250. Also it seemed super complicated and I suspected that the learning curve would be very steep. I think I was right about the last part, but with focused effort each day I think it’s gonna be fine. So I’ve just begun playing around with it, and starting to learn the basics. I think in the beginning it will probably lead to me making a fair bit of mistakes, trying to implement concepts I don’t fully understand. I will probably try to make way to many “GTO” plays, something I find myself doing already before doing Pio-work. For example bluffing in spots where people never fold, just because “I should have a bluffing range here to be balanced”. SO, I’ll try to keep my eyes out for those spots. I am sure that when I get enough Pio-work under my belt, my game is overall gonna be a fair bit stronger.

Last weeks grind was not great. In total we lost €3200 – and much of that was due to wednesday, where we lost €2700 in one session. I felt my game was not up to par, and my mind was definitely not where it needed to be, which brings me to my next point… There has been some developments in my personal life and as a result I will not be streaming this week. Too much stuff that needs taking care of etc. I will come back to this later, but for now there is probably not gonna be a stream until early/mid march. I will try to be a good boy and update as much as possible from Unibet Open London though, which is in a week. So hit that follow button on the social medias if you wanna keep track of that stuff!

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A short recap of MPNPT Vienna

What’s up boys and gurls!

Just came back to Budapest last night, after a few days of the live pokers in Vienna. I was there with 7 friends of mine from Norway. I’ve known most of these guys since 2006 or so, and it’s for sure a fun group to travel with. I travelled there by bus, which was nice. It actually saved me time, hassle and money, compared to flying there (it took about 3 hours and cost me €28 in total). Also no waiting in line for security check etc etc. Will definitely travel by bus again to nearby live stops.

We played the €550 main event on friday. Didn’t take it too seriously in terms of preparation, and could for sure have skipped the 2-3 last beers on thursday. We felt ok going into it though, and not in bad shape/super hungover or anything. We had a really nice start of day one, and doubled up pretty early with AJhh vs 78hh on 26Khhh flop. From there I chipped up nicely, without taking too much risks or showdowns. The field was very soft, and accumulating was not very hard at all. I think I peaked at 110k or something, before losing a couple of big pots to bring us back down to 75k ish at the end of day 1. Day two I was completely card dead, tried to steal some pots, with varying degree of success. About 10-15 places before ITM I picked up JJ and utg opened for 2,5x. I had about 15-20 bigs or so, so only play was really to shove allin. BB woke up with AQ and isolated us. Board ran out AQ79Q or something, so not really too much of a sweat. Oh well.

Bustout hand

The “highroller” (€1100) event was next. Only 24 players registered the tournament, but I would classify maybe 7-8 of these as recreational players. I did not have an amazing start however, and lost a few pots early by 3 betting AK a couple of times and jacks once, and losing all 3 without getting to showdown. At 250/500/50 level I am sitting at a 11k stack, and I look down at KQo.

Generally a fairly easy shove with 22 bigs from the CO here, but I had weak players sitting both on the button and in the SB, so I decided to raise it to 1100 instead. Both btn and sb calls, before BB (who I perceive as a good player) jams all in for 11k. I think it might be a close spot with KQo here, but seeing how this is an excellent rejamming spot for BB, I will assume he is gonna jam all pairs, all Axs, all broadways and a bunch of suited connector type hands. We call and he has AJs. K on the turn and we now have about 25k. From there it was pretty much smooth sailing into the final table. Not too much interesting stuff happening at the FT until we are 5 people left (4 people gets paid). At this point I am third in chips, and the chipleader has heaps. This ofcourse makes for a tricky situation, as the chipleader can just abuse the medium stacks, since they pretty much have to fold everything to avoid bubbling. Prizes was €9k – €6,6k – €4,4k and €3k. We played the bubble for 3,5 hours, which was the longes bubble I have ever played, and the bubble bursted around 6.30 in the morning. So in the money we only get the chance to play a few hands before I pick up A7o on the button. The stacks were as follows: CO has 90k, I have 75k, SB has 120k and BB has 195k. The blinds are 2k/4k with a 500 ante. I was really unsure in the moment if to minraise and fold to a jam, or just to jam myself. As I am mostly a cash game player, these are definitely spots I need to do more research on in the future. Anyhow, I ended up jamming, feeling that A7o was right on the border of profitability. BB ended up calling with A9dd and board ran out 22Tdd, 2x, Jd giving him the nutflush and busting me out in 4th. After I came home I checked the hand in Hold’em Resources calc, which gave me the following range for shoving: 22+, A2s+, A9o+, K7s+, Kto+, Q9s+, Qjo, J9s+ and T9s… In other words, my shove is way too lose. It might not seem way too lose, but the above-mentioned range is 21% of hands. For me to include A7o in my shoving range there I need to shove 29,1% of hands. Sooo pretty big mistake there I guess. Atleast we cashed and profited on the trip as a whole.

That will be it for now, I’m gonna hit the gym and continue to progress towards being healthier and fitter in 2017 than I was in 2016. Feeling and seeing the changes already SeemsGood. After that I’ll be back streaming today, probably around 17.00. Had a bit of connection issues yesterday, so I hope we manage to stay connected throughout the whole session today!