Cash Game Festival Tallinn (part 1)

Hello again, dear blog readers and hand history aficionados! This post will not be focused on tournaments, but for once I get to discuss some LIVE cash games! FeelsGoodMan. Two weeks ago we attended the “Cash Game Festival” in our new hometown, Tallinn! It was an awesome event, and we played everything from very splashy and fun €2/€2 SDC (Super Dealers Choice) games to some €5/€10 NLHE vs very strong opponents. The best game of the week was definitely a late night €5/€10 game, involving two very wealthy businessmen.

Welcome to the Cash Game Festival!

Hand #1: €1/€2 NLHE – Flopping trips in a 3bet pot

I’ve just sat down at this table, but I can already tell it’s a good one. Third hand I play one fun-player limps and I make it €11 with A3s from MP. Button who looks like your typical online reg wiz kid 3-bets to €35. BB decided to cold-call and I make the call as well. Flop comes down very favourable for our hand, 334r. BB checks, I check and the 3-better makes a cbet of €40 into the pot of now €108. BB calls and I check-raise to €125. Wiz kid calls and the BB lets it go. Turn brings the Tc and we are first to act. My memory is vague when it comes to stack sizes, but I think we had slightly more than pot size left (pot = €358). It’s a spot where I think both our bluffing range and value range is fairly narrow. Our value range is something like A3s, 44 and perhaps 34s (if I raise that pre). Our bluffing range is 56s, A2s and A5s basically. I think we could go either way in this spot, either jam now or check turn and jam river. I believe it looks very strong to check turn and jam river though, and I think our best chances of getting called by QQ/KK/etc will be by jamming turn. I decide to stick it in and opponent thinks for a while before calling. The river is a 5 and he mucks his hand after seeing mine. He never said what he had but it’s fair to assume it was some overpair.

Stackin’ at the feature table!

Hand #2: €2/€2 NLHE – Flopping top pair on a wet board multiway

The hand begins with a funplayer open-limping the CO. I look down at KQhh in the SB and I bump it up to €11. BB defends and the CO also
calls. Flop comes down 67Qccs, giving us top pair with a good kicker. I make a big c-bet of €30 into the pot of €33, as the board is very coordinated and connects well with both their ranges. BB basically min-raises, making it €65. CO folds and I think we have a couple of options. First of all, let’s think about what hands he would do this with. The board is very coordinated, and he is giving us an amazing price to draw to our hand if we have a draw. Would he really be giving us this good of a price with a strong holding? Would he not rather raise bigger to protect his equity? It’s hard to say sometimes, cause in these live games there are many funplayers who basically are just clicking (imaginary) buttons. I think his most common holdings with this sizing are either gonna be showdown value hands of medium strength, where he “wants to find out where he stands”, or draws, where he wants to make a small raise on the flop to check back turn and get two cheap streets. So taking this into account, I actually don’t like how I played this hand. I think I should be bet-3betting the flop, trying to get it in vs his perceived medium strength range. Anyways, I make the call and the turn comes the 2s, bringing a second flush draw on board. I check and he quickly checks behind. The river is the 9 of hearts, not really completing any real draws except for T8, which I think is fairly unlikely anyways. Considering that he snap-checked behind on the turn, I got the feeling that he had some kind of showdown value hand. I think that if he had a draw, he would at least consider firing the turn as a semi-bluff. Taking that into account I figured our hand was good enough to go for some river value. I bet €60 and he calls. I turn over my hand and he mucks, what he after told me was pocket eights. Not a big fan of his play, but not a huge fan of mine either, as I think I should have re-raised the flop.

Discussing mindfulness meditation with Inga Raudsepp, Content & Marketing Manager for the Cash Game Festival. (Photo by: Pastakeda Photography / Cash Game Festival)

Hand #3 – Tricky river spot

I open KQcc to €10 UTG. MP, BTN (calling station) and BB (regular) all call so we go 4-way to a flop of QdJs5s. I cbet for €35 into €42 and receive calls from both the station OTB and the reg in the BB. Turn is the 2d, bringing a backdoor flush draw into play. I bet €115 into €147, with both opponents having a stack of about €350. I’m sure you could also make a case for 2.3x pot overbet-jamming turn here but I think 2/3 PSB is my standard here. Both opponents call again, and the river brings the Td, completing the backdoor flush. BB now lead jams for €235, into the pot of €492. Sigh… Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons of calling here.

1. We are getting amazing odds, facing only a half-pot bet.
2. The front-door flush draw missed.
3. We don’t block any spades.

1. He is jamming for half pot into two players, a play that generally will not get many folds.
2. I have represented a very strong range by raising UTG and betting on both the flop and the turn into three/two players.
3. The button is a calling station, something that should both influence my betting range on the flop and turn, as well as the BB’s shoving range on the river.
4. We have 1 player left to act, who could easily have rivered a hand better than ours.
5. Some of the BBs draws on the turn rivered some showdown equity, which generally makes people less included to bluff jam (T9/KT).
6. We don’t block any diamonds.
7. It’s a spot that I think generally is underbluffed pretty heavily by population.

To make this blogging experience a bit more fun and interactive, I thought it would be cool to include you guys in some of the hand discussions. For this hand, I’m gonna do a small giveaway to incentivise commenting. I hope of course that you guys will comment not only to win, but also to participate in the discussions and hopefully come out of them a bit wiser than before!

Photographer trying to get a sneak peak of my cards. (Photo by: Pastakeda Photography / Cash Game Festival)

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I’ll let you guys know how the hand played out in my next post, where I will also wrap up with a couple of more interesting hands from the Cash Game Festival in Tallinn. If you want to read more about the CGF concept, you can do so here: – their next stop will be in London from the 3rd to the 7th of January!

Click me. (Photo by: Pastakeda Photography / Cash Game Festival)

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