Cash Game Festival Tallinn (part 2)

Conclusion of the final hand of the previous post: In the end I make the “hero fold”, deciding that the fact that he is only jamming for half pot into two players (where one is a calling station) should already disincentivize him enough from bluffing here. GTO wise we obviously have to call here, but IMO population under bluffs this spot too much. BTN makes the fold as well after tanking for a while, and BB shows us A3ss for the missed front door flush draw…

Note to self: In live poker, people make weird plays.

The next few hands were played out at a €5/€10 game where we as mentioned in the previous post had two wealthy business guys in the mix. I will refer to them as biz1 and biz2. Biz1 was often opening to €250, or €370 preflop, with blinds of €5/€10. Probably just cause he had all of the monies and gave literally zero of the fucks. Biz2 was not as OOL, but he did not enjoy folding very much.

Hand #1: €5/€10 NLHE – Straight on a 4-flush board vs bizguys

Biz1 and biz2 both limp from early positions. I make it €125 with ATcc from the BTN and they both call. Flop QJ9ddx. They both check, and I decide to check back. The reasoning being that I basically never get two folds, and I don’t want to get check-jammed on (which was a real possibility here). Turn brings the lovely but somewhat scary Kd, giving me a straight while putting 3 diamonds on board. I now bet €325 into €390 and biz1 looks down at his cards again (to check for a diamond I assume). He calls and biz2 calls himself all in for €300 ish. The river brings the very disgusting looking 6d, four-flushing the board, and biz1 lead jams for €750. Seeing how he checked his hand OTT for a diamond, I think it’s a fairly clear fold. It’s also hard for him to have bluffs in this spot. I fold my straight and he shows A6ss for a pair of sixes. I don’t remember what biz2 had, but he took it down with KJ or something.

Trying my best to look intimidating. (Photo by: Pastakeda Photography / Cash Game Festival)

Hand #2: €5/€10 NLHE – Getting all in pre with 88, seems standard

There is a straddle to €20. I limp UTG+1 with 88 and a €600 stack. Two more limps and biz1 makes it €270 from the SB. I have the easiest jam of my life as the SB could have basically anything here, so I stick in my last €600. Button re-jams for like €1,500 and the SB calls all in. 3-way all in and we are up against AKo and AKo. Pretty sweet scenario, but unfortunately they flop an ace to chop it up. Time to reload!

Hand #3 €5/€10 NLHE – Flopping (and turning) the world

Biz1 makes it €25 from UTG+1 and biz2 flats from UTG+2. I flat the BTN with A4cc and we go 3-way to the flop. Flop comes 469scc, giving us bottom pair and the nut flush draw. Biz1 bets €75 and biz2 calls. I think we could go both ways here, but my hand is simply so strong 3-ways here that I decided to put some more money in on the flop. I make it €250 and they both call. Turn is the Ad giving me two pair, to go along with my nut flush draw. Biz1 lead shoves for like €300 and biz2 calls allin. I obviously make the call as well with my ridiculously strong holding. The river brings the 8h and I feel very confident that this pot is mine… Biz1 however, flips over the A8ss for the backdoor float on the flop, and the runner runner better two-pair. #FeelsBadMan.

The room was buzzing! (Photo by: Pastakeda Photography / Cash Game Festival)

Hand #4: €5/€10 NLHE – Flopping an overpair with SPR<1

So biz1 limps and biz2 limps from UTG+1 and UTG+2. I make it €170 (with like €440 behind) OTB with QQ. BB (who I had tagged as a good reg until this hand), calls and biz1 calls aswell. We go 3-way to a flop of 257ddx, and the pot is now €525. I’m suspicious of the BB’s flat call here, as IMO he should basically only flat a very strong range here, seeing how shallow my stack is, and how spazzy biz1 is. There was definitely a possibility of biz1 just jamming all in for his €1,300 or whatever after BB flat calls my raise. Anyways, with have an SPR of less than 1, so naturally a very easy all in here. I jam and they both call. Turn brings an offsuit 3 and the BB jams (can’t remember exactly how much) and biz1 calls. I’m thinking I am probably in trouble here… River brings the Ad, completing the flush. I am definitely screwed here, I remember thinking. They turn over their hands… BB has 67hh for a pair of sevens, and biz1 has like J5s or whatever for a pair of fives. We finally scoop a pot, to at least bring us slightly closer to break even!

In the end, we lost money in this game, which was fairly disappointing, seeing how pots were bloated into oblivion basically every other hand. It was a super fun game to play in though, and there was a lot of unusual situations that had me deep in the think tank.

Their smoothies were enjoyable though!

Right now I am sitting in the hotel lounge of “The Principal Hotel” in Manchester, after just landing a couple of hours ago. I got to spend 3 days in Tallinn, before travelling here together with Estonian Jesus and Unibet photographer Tambet Kask. Our flight from Tallinn to Amsterdam was delayed, so we barely made our connecting flight from Amsterdam to Manchester. Unfortunately all of our luggages were not as lucky, so they are still in Amsterdam. Fingers crossed for receiving them asap! My 3 days in Tallinn was also pretty stressful, as I was planning to stream on Twitch for these 3 days, until my laptop basically broke down. It’s being sent to Germany for repairs today, and I’m not sure when I’ll get it back. I’m gonna try to get my hands on a laptop in the meantime though, so I can grind and stream while I am in Norway for Christmas holidays.

From Manchester I’ll go straight to Prague to play the €2,200 Nordic Championship event there. I’ll be updating regularly on both events, so go follow me on Instagram if you want to see what’s up!

Atleast I had time to visit the Christmas market in Tallinn during my short visit!

Next blog post will be up in a few days, from the Norwegian Championship of Poker, which was held in Oslo, Norway about a week ago! So until then, good luck at the tables and I hope to see many of you in Manchester!

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