Now offering coaching!

Since I started streaming on Twitch, there have been people asking both in chat, through email and through social media if I could coach them. In the beginning, I told them that I did not feel comfortable offering coaching at that time since I was not proficient in all the new software tools out there (PioSOLVER etc.). Since then I have put a lot of effort into learning these tools, and now feel comfortable both using them and passing on the knowledge from them on to potential students.

About me:
• Consistent winner in multiple game formats since 2004
• Currently playing and beating NL400/NL800
• Turned €10,000 into €50,000 in 6 weeks during this bankroll challenge
• Strategy content writer for Bluff Europe magazine
• Streaming at

What you can expect:
First-time students will need to send me a couple of paragraphs about their poker background to provide me with an idea of their skill level. After that, you can basically choose which format you prefer. We can either:
• share my screen while I am playing
• share your screen while you are playing
• go through hand histories or specific spots together in PioSOLVER/HRC

If the student has specific aspects of the game (bet sizing, 3-betting, check-raising, etc.) he/she wants to improve, we can also go in depth at any concept. In the end, you are paying for my time, so you have final say on how the session looks like. As I play 96% of my volume on Unibet (a poker site without any scripts or huds), I will not be giving in depth advice in either of these two areas.

Hand review example:
If you want an example of how I think about poker, check out this hand review (which was also featured as a strategy article in Bluff Europe magazine): Interesting hand from the Unibet NL800 streets

Coaching rates:
1 hour: €80
3 hours: €225
5 hours: €350

If you are interested in getting coaching or just want more information, tune in to my stream and simply ask in the chat, pm me through one of my social media channels or email me here:

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