Twitch partnership celebration marathon stream!

It took a while to get there, but we have finally received that elusive Twitch partnership. Along with it comes a flashy subscriber button, custom chat badges and emoticons and a bunch of other cool stuff. To celebrate this great piece of news I am going to do a 24-hour poker stream this coming Sunday! During these 24 hours, I will play a variety of different games (poker games that is). I will play cash games (anything from NL4 to NL800), SNG’s both 5-max and HU, and tournaments. The main event for the evening will be the €50,000 guaranteed on Unibet, a tournament they are hosting to celebrate the 500,000,000th hand being dealt on their poker platform. It’s gonna be a €100 buy-in tournament with unlimited re-entries and one add-on available. Not only will this tournament have a €50,000 prize pool, it will also have 3x €3000 packages added for a poker trip to Las Vegas!

There will also be a number of giveaways and freerolls during the stream, totalling a total value of €1000! There will be five €100 freerolls in total. They will be starting at 12.00, 18.00, 21.00, 00.00 and 08.00, all times CET. In these freerolls there will also be a bounty for €25 on my head. I will also give away 3x €100 tickets to the €50,000 Guaranteed tournament that evening, as well as €200 worth of different satellite tickets. These will be given out at random, or to people I feel deserve it! I’m sure I’ll come up with a competition or two by then as well.

So yeah, hope to see you guys on Sunday! Feel free to reach out to me if you got ideas for competitions we can arrange during the stream, or if you have any other suggestions!

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